Populärmusik aus Vittula (2004)

Populärmusik aus Vittula (2004) Comedy, Drama | 105min | 24 September 2004 (Sweden) 6.5
Director: Reza BagherWriter: Reza Bagher, Erik NorbergStars: Max Enderfors, Andreas af Enehielm, Jarmo MäkinenSummary: Matti and his friend Niila, who is an unusually quiet boy feeling bad because his father is abusing him grow up in Pajala in the 60's. They share the interest in music since the day Niila got a vinyl single with the song "Rock and Roll Music" and they played it on Matti's sister's gramophone. It's the same day they also share another thing that matters to history: a kiss. Although they are just "innocent" prepubertal children, the narrator does not let us forget that part. Fast-forwarding to high school and Matti has begun to be interested in girls and women and browsing frantically in porn magazines as soon as he gets hold of one. But Niila does not seem at all interested in girls, he is only interested in guitar playing and to escape from the small-town mistress à la Fucking Åmål. Written by lament


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