Dead Man (1995)

Dead Man (1995) Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | 121min | 4 January 1996 (Germany) 7.6
Director: Jim JarmuschWriter: Jim JarmuschStars: Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Crispin GloverSummary: In the late-1800s, the meek accountant from Cleveland, William Blake, spends the last of his already meagre savings to get to the frontier community of Machine where a job awaits him. Eager to make a fresh start, Blake arrives at his destination, only to discover that the position no longer exists. Gravely wounded and on the run from a relentless trio of bounty hunters after a deadly shoot-out, William flees the inhospitable industrial town and has a chance encounter with the enigmatic Native American spirit-guide named "Nobody", who believes Blake is the reincarnation of the visionary English poet, William Blake. Now, before the endless American wilderness, the two companions embark on a peril-laden odyssey of mysticism, transformation, and spirituality, until William crosses over into the spirit world. What lies on the other side? Written by Nick Riganas


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