Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken (2004)

Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken (2004) Drama, Romance | 89min | 24 November 2004 (Germany) 7.1
Director: Achim von BorriesWriter: Henk Handloegten, Annette HessStars: Daniel Brühl, August Diehl, Anna Maria MüheSummary: Weimar, Germany, in 1927. Best friends Günther and Paul ask themselves: is that really it, the highest point in life? They are convinced that they want to enjoy their lives to the full and without compromises - and they demand the same of love. Together with Günther's sister Hilde they spend a weekend in a summer house in the country, outside Berlin. Paul is fascinated by the girl and falls in love with her. And at first it looks like Paul's feelings are returned. But Hilde loves another. Secretly, she's meeting with a young, good-looking boy named Hans - Günther's former lover. But Hans, who works in the kitchen of a restaurant/dance club, is a young man from a much lower class. Then an excessive party takes place in the garden of the summer house. When Hans surprisingly joins the celebration, a roller coaster ride of feelings is set into motion which soon gets very much out of control. Written by Philip S. Christensen


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